1. Choose from one of the following topics below and write 250 words fully answe

1. Choose from one of the following topics below and write 250 words fully answering the questions posed.
2. Respond to one other students post of another topic and write 100 words minimum.
Topic 1
The media often present images of tall, thin, young women as an ideal of female beauty. But the media communicate an ideal of male attractiveness as well. The next time you see male models in a magazine, examine the ad carefully to decode its verbal and visual messages. What attributes are being represented? What message is being communicated? Who is the intended target of the message? What effect do you think this message has on you and the people you know? 
Topic 2
When food is intertwined with cultural and social meanings, such as at a company picnic, a wedding banquet, or a holiday party, we often feel pressured to eat more than we need or even want. If you have such an event on your calendar, think ahead about how you can make healthy food and portion choices without breaking social norms. For example, instead of accepting seconds and thirds at Thanksgiving dinner, you could say simply, “Everything tastes wonderful, but I’m full!” If you’re pressed, try saying, “Maybe I could take a piece of pie home with me for tomorrow.” 
Topic 3
Some people overeat when they are angry or upset over misunderstandings or conflicts with people who are important to them. If this is the case for you, shape up your conflict-resolution skills instead of turning to food. To handle conflict effectively, remember to focus on the issue at hand, without dredging up old issues or expanding the discussion to unrelated problems; use “I” messages to say how you feel, when you feel that way, and why; take time out if your feelings are so strong they will get in the way of a productive conversation; edit out hurtful words; and try to think of solutions. Keep in mind that the purpose is to resolve the problem in the best interests of the relationship, not to win an argument.
Submission Requirements:Submit your original discussion. 250 words minimum.
Respond to at least ONE OTHER discussion topic from one of your peers. 100 words minimum.
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Proper English and staying on topic is required.