1   Consider the information presented in the studies, and consider your current

Consider the information presented in the studies, and consider your current or potential future employment related to program evaluation. Then, address the following:
Consider the multiple roles in which program evaluators serve and your current or future activities in program evaluation. Identify some possible conflicts of interest associated with those roles.
Discuss some of the potential sources of bias you are likely to encounter.
Discuss how political pressures create problems in program evaluations.
Devise strategies for minimizing the occurrence and impact of the varied problems that occur in program evaluation.
Consider the ethical principles and codes presented in the studies and how they apply to program evaluation.
Identify at least three ethical principles or codes that would be important to consider with regard to the program evaluation you are working with in your course project.
Discuss specific steps you should take to comply with these principles or codes.
Discuss how the concepts of ethical astuteness, demonstration of ethical character, and practicing ethical acuity pertain to the ethical standards you identified.
This week we focused on the knowledge and skills needed to start a business, including marketing and branding. Create a discussion post related to the concepts in the readings for this week.
Here are some ideas for your post:
Branding comprises visual identity (a unified look that conveys who you are and what you do, which may include a logo or mark), as well as verbal descriptions of the services you offer. You must be able to describe your business as clearly, memorably, and quickly as possible. This is often referred to as an elevator speech. Write your elevator speech and describe your current thinking about a potential visual identity or brand for your consulting business.
Marketing and selling are key activities for promoting your consulting business. Choose either marketing or selling and describe your planned strategy. Identify the activities that will you will use. Identify the ethical considerations of your plan.
Select a concept from your readings that you found particularly interesting, illuminating, or insightful. Discuss how you would apply what you learned to your professional life. Find other resources to support your thoughts.