200 words agree or disagree to each question  Q1. According to our readings from

200 words agree or disagree to each question 
According to our readings from this week a pivot table can provide a summarization of data immediately (Winston, 2013). One can obtain information on spending per unit, group, product, revenue, and per a specified timeline. I use a pivot table that allows me to keep track of my budget as well as ensuring my monthly payments are done on time. At my job specifically we use pivot tables to keep track of the number of students per each semester and throughout each class. However, the university has a bigger scale of a pivot table that allows them to see all students attending the six academies across the globe. Lastly, a pivot table is used to track student grade point averages and the overall grade point average for each class that graduated. This is also a great way to see how students perform across the six academies and how they are getting evaluated by each academy. It is a great tool to use when analyzing the performance of students as well as the academies across the board.
Some of the requirements of the data file to creating a pivot table are first to ensure filling in the pivot table fields or headings. There are four separate zones to choose from: rows, column label fields, values fields, and filters (Winston, 2013). As far as some tricks that can be used in Excel to get the data file in the format that one would like to use are number format and changing the value of a field by using the value option on the pivot table fields (Winston, 2013) which allows you to make any format changes as you like.
Winston, W. L. (2013). Microsoft Excel 2013: Data Analysis and Business Modeling. Microsoft Press. O’Reilly Media, Inc.
When we are trying, to get data summarized from either a database, spreadsheet or work sheet we use pivot tables to help get the job done. Somethings that we use pivot tools for is to count, sort, get the average or help us find the total stored within the data we have input into the spreadsheet.  Helping organize data in any format is a way that we use pivot table a well as helping find patterns within out spread sheet that we are using at the monkey and finally pivot  tables help us understand what we are summarizing within our spread sheet.
“Pivot tables re mostly commonly used in situations where data needs to be aggregated, and sliced and diced for analysis.  It’s particularly useful when you are looking to calculate and summarize data in order to make comparisons.
-Run automatic calculations on summed or counted valueS.
-Create %’s of totals
-Segment data by data, user or other variable and calculate totals
-Organize data into columns and rows with automatic calculations that would otherwise be impossible with Excel”
Before you can do anything in excel when it comes to creating a Pivot Table you must establish some sort of data base so that you develop that Pivot Table.  With Microsoft Excel being probably the most analytical tool within the Microsoft suite it should be used to help summarize data and help visualize relationships with the trends that are happening throughout your spreadsheet.  Some things that are required to help you with your Pivot Table is gathering what would seemingly be accurate data and data is easy for one to aces and analyze.  Also, throughout the spreadsheet make sure n cells are left empty that should be filled, make sure everything is organized and lastly but what I think is most important is double checking your formulas that you have placed in the cells because aa formula error can mess up your product.