A large component of this course is to learn how to evaluate user requirements a

A large component of this course is to learn how to evaluate user requirements and select computer-based information systems from a management perspective.   
In the case study, “The North East Medical Practice,” the doctor wishes to create new efficiencies and introduce new services by enabling customers to set their appointments over the internet.  Working in groups you are asked to:
Select software for the medical practice to handle the practice’s requirements.  The software should handle front-end and back-end requirements, and may be cloud-based or onsite server-based.
Select all computer hardware for the medical practice including computing platforms used by the listed doctors and other medical staff and the server(s), if used.  No parts of the current architecture may be used.
Select networking hardware and services to support the communication requirements of the medical practice.
Select the database architecture and data warehousing architecture to support the daily transactions and the data analytics requirements of the practice.
Describe how the medical practice will use social media and integrate that into their data analytics effort.
Produce a schematic that graphically shows the architecture of the new system i.e., hardware, software, data, people and networking components.
Define the expected benefits of the new system and for intangible benefits, produce your assumptions using equivalent real-life case studies and/or best practices
Prepare a report to explain your proposed system together with all of pertinent justifications including all of the items listed above. Your report must be no less than 12 pages long (1.5 spacing with font size 11). Please feel free to add of the relevant details with tables, figures and diagrams you find suitable.
How do you view the role of social media in linking the Medical Office with patients, office partners and suppliers? Does the consideration of social media portal (i.e., Office CRM) affect an existing IT system in a company?
What acquisition models do you propose for a Medical Office’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems? How can one assess the right acquisition model?
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 10 to 12 slides to discuss key selling features of your proposed system.
Your submission must include both your report and presentation.  You may load as many as 6 separate files as needed, but only one submission per group. Please do include the names of all contributors.