Buckeye  Creek  Amusement  Park  is  open  from  the  beginning  of  May  to  th

Buckeye  Creek  Amusement  Park  is  open  from  the  beginning  of  May  to  the  end  of  October. Buckeye  Creek  relies  heavily  on  the  sale  of  season  passes.  The  sale  of  season  passes  brings  in significant revenue prior to the park opening each season, and season pass holders contribute a substantial portion of  the food,  beverage,  and  novelty  sales  in  the  park. Greg  Ross,  director  of marketing  at  Buckeye  Creek,  has  been  asked  to  develop  a  targeted  marketing  campaign  to increase season pass sales.
Greg has data for last season that show the number of season pass holders of some sampledzip codes. Greg has claimed that the average # of season pass holders of each zipcode is more than 100. In addition, he has also obtained the total population of each zip code from the U.S. Census Bureau website.Greg thinks it may be possible to predict the number of season pass holders in a  zip  code  given  the  total  population  of  a  zip  code.  If  this  is  possible, he  could  then  conduct  a direct mail campaign that would target zip codes that have fewer than the expected number of season pass holders.
Please complete the 1 page (single space) PROPOSAL for this phase:
a)Describe the problem background and purpose of the study
b)Use appropriate descriptive statistics to explore and summarize the data. Remember to interpret the findings accurately and present them in a clear and coherent way.
c)Outline the statistical methods required to answer the research questions