Refer to the topics covered in this week’s resources and incorporate them into y

Refer to the topics covered in this week’s resources and incorporate them into your blog. By Day 3 Post a blog post that includes: An explanation of the completion of your agency learning agreement, including a summary of the results of your evaluation Required Readings Pomeroy, E. C., & Nonaka, A. M. (2011). The art of not knowing. Social Work, 56(4), […]

In two sections of 200-300 words each, reflect on what you have learned in this

In two sections of 200-300 words each, reflect on what you have learned in this course, how your perspectives have changed, how you now view your degree, and how you plan to use or think about your interdisciplinary degrees differently. You will briefly explain interdisciplinarity in your own words in light of your worldview, and you will reflect on Covey’s writing as […]

Unit 6 Assignment

You are the director for the Office of Emergency Management in Pleasantville City, U.S.A. and the mayor has requested that you present the latest emergency operations plan (EOP) at the next council meeting. City officials are concerned about being able to respond to a major earthquake because the neighboring city of Blissville was recently hit by an earthquake and they […]

Teams Homework

you need to Answer just  question number 2 (tools and solving)  and write  conclusion.  the whole word document can’t be more the 2.5k word, so for  question and conclusion no more then 400 words.  all the information to answer the question in the “buko-nero” document and Question in the “leading team to success” document

8 Page Essay Needed Strayer Writing Standard Plagiarism Free Please Read

Please read instruction and assignment before accepting! Staryer Writing Standards required! Week 10 Assignment – Critical Threats to the Global Environment Overview The United Nations has continued to retain you as a consultant for a project that deals with climate and the environment. Most developed countries see the dangers of releasing too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and are […]

SOCW 6530 Agency Presentations Powerpoint And Narrative

SOCW 6530 Agency Presentations powerpoint In Week 9, you will upload your Case Presentation. Prior to uploading the assignment, you’ll be scheduled to present your PowerPoint presentation to the class during the synchronous weekly meeting. Presentations usually occur between Weeks 4-9. It’s important to begin the assignment now, so that you are prepared to present it when scheduled. As a […]


Were there Buddhist warriors at any point in history? (Hint: Look up the words “Shogun” and/or “Samurai” for some interesting insight.) The popular characterization of Buddhism is one of peaceful contemplation. In common understanding Buddhists are thought of almost automatically as conscientious objectors in times of conflict.  I’ve had students say to me that “Buddhists are never violent.” After reading […]


In Chapter 8 of our textbook the authors of our textbook focused on the native North Americans and indigenous peoples of the Pacific Islands. Describe some of the different forms and practices of these peoples. You may choose to focus on one particular group or you many discuss the commonalities of all the peoples covered in the chapter. For a […]


Can Shamanism be misunderstood by outsiders? Our book warns that admiration of shamanism can be potentially problematic because the romanticizing of shamanism by outsiders can lead to shamanistic practices being used in ways other than for their original purposes or in their intended context. Give examples of an “intended context” and “original purpose” for shamanistic practices from the perspective of […]


Select any chapter that we covered this semester. Discuss the religions/traditions of that chapter by describing one religious culture (each chapter discusses many cultures so just choose one) in terms of the time period(s) in which it developed, the geographic location(s) to which it spread or in which it is primarily practiced, its rituals, ideas about the nature of God/the […]