Complete a critical researched essay of a minimum of 5 pages on a text from this

Complete a critical researched essay of a minimum of 5 pages on a text from this module. Choose one of the assigned poems or short stories to write an essay about a theme you have identified in the chosen work. The analysis should follow the classic essay structure: an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a Works Cited page. Make sure to use the Writing Resources under the Resources tab before submitting the final draft. 
Introduction: Your introduction should identify the poem or story under consideration, its author, and a central argument or theme – your thesis. A thesis is one sentence of no more than 25 words, so choose your words carefully as you must address more than one aspect of your topic in this one sentence. Provide a summary of the text in 1-2 sentences.
Body: Body paragraphs must support your thesis argument with specific examples from the poem or story, analysis of relevant textual evidence, and additional information from credible secondary sources. To develop your analysis:
Synthesize key points from the poem or story with your thesis. You must cite at least 3 brief quotes/paraphrases (no more than 2 lines long) with specific page numbers from the assigned primary texts: proper MLA in-text and bibliographic citation is required. 
State specifically how at least one literary device adddresses your main argument. For a poem: diction, imagery, figurative language, tone, form, or symbol; for a story: point of view, character, setting, plot, symbol, or tone.
You are required to obtain at least 3 secondary sources from the CPCC Library databases. Wikipedia, History, Biography, Shmoop, Spark Notes, and Khan Academy are not credible sources for academic writing. One of these must be a Merriam-Webster (link here) definition of a word or literary term that is a part of your chosen text. 
Conclusion: Besides summarizing your main ideas, your conclusion should place your text and argument within a larger, meaningful context for your reader.
Works Cited: The final 5th page will be the Works Cited page containing your primary sources and all secondary sources (including Merriam-Webster) used within the essay in proper MLA 8th edition format.
Length: At least 5 pages
Due: 4/10/21
Worth: 25 points
Suggested Topics:
Twain’s Use of Humor & Regionalism in “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”
Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” as a Portrayal of Feminism
London’s “To Build A Fire” as Naturalist Fiction
Du Bois’s Use of Political Discourse & Literary Style (“Of Our Spiritual Strivings”)
Typographical Presentation of Imagist Poems (assigned poem by Pound, Lowell, Moore, or William)
Moore’s “Poetry” as How to Read a Poem
Frost’s Use of Traditional Form in “Mending Wall”
Prufrock as Symbol of Alienation in Eliot’s poem
Role of Jazz in Poetry (assigned poem by Hughes, McKay, or Cullen)
Due DateApr 10, 2021 10:00 PM