Consider the types of places that a safety inspector would visit for an inspecti

Consider the types of places that a safety inspector would visit for an inspection such as a manufacturing or processing plant, a construction site, or a pharmaceutical company. You may even consider the environment that a firefighter may encounter for this assignment. Then identify one chemical or toxicant that an individual may be exposed to in this type of workplace. Research the chemical or toxicant and discuss the following aspects in your scholarly activity response:
Identify the chemical and discuss the chemical properties. What level of exposure of this chemical is considered toxic? What duration of exposure can produce a toxic effect?
Identify the type of workplace where this chemical may be found and the use of the chemical in this environment.
Discuss how exposure of the chemical to the worker could occur. Include the route of exposure and what organ(s) or systems of the body could be affected.
Discuss the toxic effects produced from exposure to this chemical. Consider if it is a localized or systemic effect. Are the effects acute or chronic? Explain the symptoms and effects of the toxic exposure including the organs damaged and the type of damage that occurs. Is the chemical a carcinogen, allergenic, or something else?
Discuss how to prevent toxic exposure to the chemical and any known treatments available for toxicity from this chemical.
Your scholarly activity response should be at least two pages in length and utilize at least three credible sources. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.