Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students  The submission should be structure

Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students  The submission should be structured as follows:   Commence by contextualising key strategic targets across the Architectural, Engineering and  Construction (AEC) industry in relation to the use of BIM and Modern Methods of Construction.   In the main body of the report the student should make use of a range of quality academic literature  in order to explore collaborative working and the importance of effective building design  management processes on BIM-enabled projects.   Suitable conclusions should then be drawn (as informed by the literature) as how the AEC industry  can respond to current challenges and opportunities in this area.  To successfully complete this report a minimum of 20 carefully selected sources should be used to inform  the literature review. These are to be relevant peer-reviewed quality academic journal articles.  Relevant textbooks and conference papers can also be used to support the review. Web based sources  should not be used, and will not be counted as any of these 20 selected sources.  3.4 Expected Size of Submission  (e.g. typical word length, number of pages, time limit for a presentation. If there is a maximum size limit,  please specify along with the penalties for exceeding this limit).   4,000 equivalent words (excluding the references section).   Figures (diagrams, illustrations, photographs etc.) and tables are welcome but must be fully  incorporated into the submission, integrated with the text and fully explained as to why they are  exhibited. 200 words are counted for each figure/table used.   The work must form a structured and coherent whole. On the front sheet of the submission, identify  the total number of words used (excluding references section) and the number of figures/tables  used.   Penalties for exceeding this limit: If the work exceeds the allowable word limit by 10% (i.e. 300  words) then a 10% marks penalty will apply. This 10% penalty will continually be applied for any  additional text that exceed blocks of 300 words thereafter.