Current Human Capital Management: Predictive Analysis   Twitter     Prior to beg

Current Human Capital Management: Predictive Analysis   Twitter    
Prior to beginning work on this discussion,
Read Chapter 12 in Applied Psychology in Talent Management. (attached below & cited)
Read the article Data Science and Predictive Analytics Enabling Better Hiring Mechanisms for Enterprises. (attached below)
Research and read at least two additional articles on human capital predictive analysis.
Using the two articles you researched on human capital predictive  analysis as well as any of this week’s required or recommended articles,  discuss how predictive analysis is being used to help make human  resource decisions. Additionally, address how, as managers, you might  use predictive analysis to create a strategic global competitiveness  from a company’s human assets. Be sure to give specific company examples  to support your discussion and position on the topic.
Your initial response should be a minimum of 220 words. Support your response with at least one scholarly resource in addition  to the text.
Cited Source: Cascio, W. F., & Aguinis, H. (2019). Applied psychology in talent management (8th ed.). Retrieved from