Discussion 1 Explain the importance of small businesses to the American economy.

Discussion 1
Explain the importance of small businesses to the American economy. Especially during this difficult times understanding small business is important. (175 words)
Why do we need small businesses in our current economic condition? Be specific. (5 pts)
What 1-2 characteristics can you think of that a small business owner should develop in order to be successful during this time? (5 pts)
Identify 1-2 characteristics or skills that business owners need and that you may want to develop as a successful student earning a degree? Be SPECIFIC (5 pts)
Use the citation generator to help you learn how to include an APA citation. Please include as APA citations at bottom of post. Remember not more than 19% may come from another source. Include the article title and the hyperlink. Use the chain in the toolbar as you write. (5 pts)
Discussion 2
Which field of natural science interests you the most and why?
Is this field related to the issue that you chose to research for your project?
Discussion 3
Consider a time in your life when you had to look at something a little closer to make sense of it. This moment might focus on a document (like the grocery list example from the previous screen), a longer piece of writing, a piece of art, a billboard, and so on.
When you’ve come up with the moment, write two fully developed paragraphs in addition to your introduction explaining it to your classmates. In the first paragraph, use rich description and detail to describe the moment. In the second paragraph, explain your method of examining the moment and what you discovered as a result.
Discussion 4
Respond to Cheyenne and Jacob post with at least one fully developed paragraph. What is your reaction to the way they made sense of something in their life? Would you have done the same thing, or would you have approached it differently? Why or why not? Remember, your approach can be completely different from your peer’s approach, as you can bring your own unique perspectives and life experiences to the situation.  
Cheyenne Hutson post
Hello everyone! My name is Cheyenne and I am twenty-seven years old and a mother of two handsome boys. We reside in the beautiful Palmetto State. I work in retail for the Salty Dog Cafe. Has anyone been to one or know what it is? Apparently, it’s pretty popular. I am here at SNHU to get my bachelor’s degree in psychology focusing on forensics. 
There was a time, literally last week, where I had to really use my head. I was driving to a friend’s house and I heard a noise that sounded like the front end of my car was going to fall off! What boggled my mind the most is that it came out of NOWHERE! I pulled over and didn’t see anything under my car so I thought, maybe when I pulled over whatever was making the noise fell off. (praying tree limb or something of that sort). I drove slowly around the parking lot and didn’t hear the noise anymore. That’s when I started to drive down a neighborhood street and heard it again.
After getting back to the parking lot, I realized it was a tire making that god-awful noise. The first thing that came to mind is that I must have a bubble in one of the right tires. I rubbed my hand around each right tire to only find something INSIDE the sidewall of the tire. The something was a tent steak. You know, the metal pieces that hold your tent to the ground. Yea, that was in my tire! I couldn’t believe it. I then of course had to put the spare tire on because the longer piece of the steak was hitting my rear fender well. 
Jacob post
My name is Jacob Lawrence Walker.  I am a 29-year-old pursuing a degree in Computer Science who currently resides in Clarksville, Tennessee.  I aspire to be a freelance software engineer in the long term, though currently I work for a company by the name A.O. Smith.  My personal goals include living a luxurious life filled with technology while making the world a better place for our generations to come.
The most recent thing I have had to apply my critical thinking skills towards was reorganizing my life in a way that positively impacted my future.  Throughout life I have always taken everything as it comes at me, never planning for my future and failing to pursue my dreams.  This led me to an overindulgent and selfish life that I honestly enjoyed at the time.  Only in the last two years had I come to realize the limitations of that which I had trapped myself in, that I would never become successfully independent nor have the more amazing things life has to offer.
Finding a job that offered proper pay and advancement in our current climate was not nearly as difficult as I expected, though obtaining and sustaining it would be difficult.  Getting a dependable vehicle that would traverse a minimum of 70 miles a day was hard especially considering the small budget I was on.  Before that I had to figure a way to obtain my birth certificate, a drivers license, and my social security card without having anything to prove who I was.  Once I had completed those seemingly unsurmountable tasks, I had to convince the hiring representative at A.O Smith that despite me having literally no experience in manufacturing that I would be an asset to their company.
RESPOND TO Lanika and Sherry POSTS
Lanika post
I feel we need small businesses in our current economic condition to help rebuild the economic back to what it once was. We had a hard year but now that everything is opening back. And we are learning life it to short to not try to make your dreams come true. You can help bring growth and innovation to your community and bring new jobs.
The characteristics I think a small business owner should have to become successful during this time is. Having confident in yourself, any new thing is scary but if you believe you can do it, then nothing is stopping you. Another one is goal- oriented stay focused on what you want to achieve and get it done. Have great customer service, always showing that you care for your customer needs. Be patient some things take time.
The skills I think business owners need and I may want to use to be successful in college. Being driven to finish what I started. And seeking advice from an expert or teacher. 
Sherry post
Small Business’ not only provide character to your community setting but out of every $100 spent at a local business about $68 dollars stay in the community. It also creates a bond between the community and business, a type of partnership and/or friendship and also a kinship with other local business’. Most small business’ participate in community events and are very charitable in the community they serve.
Local business are very important to those who have trouble with transportation, whether it be for shopping or employment. Having a neighborhood grocery store is very beneficial to the community it serves just by being in the community for those in need. Employees at local business’ seem to feel a sense of belonging, appreciation and satisfaction more than those who work at larger retailers.
Because they are located within the community they are also actively involved in bettering the community. This could be the environmental concerns of the neighborhood, the physical appearances of their shops. Small business’ adapt to their environment more that larger business’. They would rather remodel and existing building rather than tear it down to build their vision. They care about how they are perceived throughout the community.