Internship Applied Learning Activities in Response to COVID 19  The Business Int

Internship Applied Learning Activities in Response to COVID 19 
The Business Internship program has developed a plan to address temporary disruption to students’ internship placements due to national or local events such as communicable diseases, natural disasters, and/or civil unrest. 
• Students should contact their site sponsor at their internship location to work together if there are mandatory agency closures and follow the directive of the agency. • If the internship is in a setting where additional support is needed, we encourage students to make every effort to attend the internship as scheduled. 
• Unless otherwise discussed with the internship site sponsor and instructor, internships will continue as scheduled. 
Contingency Plan 
If a decision is made by a student or the internship location to stay home for a period of time, the BUS Department has developed the option for students to be able to continue to acquire internship hours. Internship Education Virtual Applied Learning Activities are meant to be supplemental to internship experience and not in lieu of agency learning. Students must request this option by emailing the site sponsor and instructor. The student should include: 
1. The plan for hours devoted to the activity/activities. This must include specific times, dates, and location. 
2. The request must be approved by both the site sponsor and instructor prior to completing the activity/activities. 
3. The student must submit written verification of activity completion to the instructor to receive credit for the hours. The maximum number of hours has not been determined but for now, no more than 45 hours may be completed virtually. Requests for more than this will need approval from the instructor. 
As noted, I hope you will each be able to continue your internships. However, if circumstances outside of our control prohibit this, please e-mail me immediately to set up the contingency. In the meantime, all weekly time sheets and activity reports should be submitted via Blackboard.  The time sheets must be scanned, no photos will be accepted, and the weekly activity reports will be typed as usual.  
Should you have any questions, please reach out to me directly.  Thanks for all you are doing to be successful in the course. 
The below requirements are to ensure that the virtual activities are completely in a professional, appropriate, and timely fashion. 
• Students must clear their Competency choice with the Instructor. • Each Competency will be assigned a mutually agreeable due date with the Instructor and the student and due dates must be arranged weekly. • Students that need to complete hours must check in via e-mail, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. with the Instructor weekly. 
• All students will continue to complete their assignments and discussions via Blackboard. • Students are responsible for ensuring they complete the 90-hours of work at the Internship location or via Applied Learning Activities Competencies. This includes checking in weekly with the Instructor, ensuring work is completely in a timely fashion, and to a high-standard. 
Internship Education Applied Learning Activity Ideas for Students by Competency 
Competency 11: Your Career Focus (Accounting)
• This competency requires introspection and the ability to conduct a self-SWOT.
• Examine your academic and career path to date, and describe what has led you to this point in your academic and professional career.
• Describe the field you want to go into, and why, and if you do not know, give an overview of your options.
• Conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself to determine how your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences (including education) can apply to your future career. Apply your KSAs to that career and note where you need to improve. Remember, strengths and weaknesses are internal, opportunities and threats are external and will include items like geography, local job market, local competition, etc.
• Describe your career path and examine where you want to be professionally in 10-years, and what you hope to accomplish professionally in that time frame.
• Examine your potentials in the job market you hope to live in. Is your goal achievable?
• Describe any challenges and how you may overcome them.
• As above this should be a ten (10) paged (Total of 11 pages including references Page), double-spaced paper with at least five (5) external sources and be formatted with MLA in-text citations and an MLA works cited.