INTRODUCTION  ●  Provide a background on your topic (who, what, where, when and

●  Provide a background on your topic (who, what, where, when and why). 
●  How many people does it affect? 
●  Define key topics that will be used 
●  State your research question 
●  Why is this problem of interest or importance—who cares? 
●  Cite and discuss the literature relevant to your topic- focus on peer-reviewed literature 
●  What key studies (theories, methods, etc.) have used the concepts relevant to your study? 
●  Group and categorize previous studies: what do they have in common? 
●  What key findings from these studies have been useful for your study? 
●  How are each of these studies important to your own research? 
●  What’s your “angle?”  Will you replicate, revise, expand, correct, replicate or challenge previous work? 
●  What type of methods will you use?  (survey, secondary data, observation, focus groups, content analysis, interviews, etc.) 
●  Why was this method chosen over other techniques?  (advantages/disadvantages) 
●  Describe your sampling strategy 
●  Include a discussion of how concepts were operationally defined or categorized, if necessary 
●  How will you ensure validity and reliability? 
●  How will you draw conclusions from the data you collect?
●   Are there any limits to your study? 
●  Are there any ethical concerns? 
●  Cite your sources in correct APA format. 
●  Include copies of the survey or interview questions, and informed consent.