NOTE: **** post answers in separate documents for each Question **** Please foll

NOTE: **** post answers in separate documents for each Question
**** Please follow the instructions to the point and pick relavant topics according to the subject
**** Follow APA7 format
Subject: Analyzing & Visualizing Data
Question 1: Write a 300+ word essay (APA format & 2 latest scholarly journal article references 2016 on words)
watch the short video on how storytelling and the aims of data visualization go hand in hand. The narrator of the video discusses the aims of data visualization. The narrator states that the aims of data visualization is to, “Maximize how quickly and accurately people decode information from graphics.” The narrator also talks about some shortcomings (disadvantage) of the techniques used to create data visualization for storytelling. 
Q: Select and discuss one of the mentioned shortcomings. Then discuss what we have learned in this course that can assist with overcoming your selected shortcoming. The response must be your own wording and must be from the material we have covered in this class only.
This is from your learning only.  This would not be something that has been posted in previous classes nor from research.  
Discuss what you have learned from this class that can assist you with overcoming your own selected shortcoming. 
Refer Video:
Reference (Attached): Kirk, Andy. Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (p. 50). SAGE Publications.