Overview It is essential for criminal justice professional to understand two thi

It is essential for criminal justice professional to understand two things: first, how Supreme Court decisions impact a criminal justice professional’s everyday job in significant ways; and, second, how leadership and administrators in criminal justice take action within their organizations to enforce the courts’ decisions.
Submission Length: 4-page report.
Access the following to complete this Assessment: 
Supreme Court of the United States Blog- (You can pick any case from the blog)
October 2017 US Supreme Court Cases – SCOTUSblog 
CO001: Contemporary Policies and Practices (Topic Policing )
Select one of these two topics: policing or corrections. Review the articles and media on the Supreme Court decisions related to policing and corrections. Explore contemporary Supreme Court cases related to the topic you selected. Use the Supreme Court of the United States blog to find a contemporary case related to policing or corrections.
Using the Walden Writing Center Course Paper Template, write a 4-page report in which you:
Provide a brief summary of the case.
Provide an argument about whether you believe the ruling is correct or what it should be if the case is still active.
Ensure that your argument is supported by at least three credible resources.
Provide references to case laws and facts to support your argument.
Explain how you think the Supreme Court’s decision or potential decision may impact agencies (police or corrections) moving forward.
Recommend at least 2 or 3 specific actions or steps that could be implemented by leadership to avoid future violations.