Part of what health teachers do in practice is modify and expand the scope of th

Part of what health teachers do in practice is modify and expand the scope of their teaching and learning as they gain more experience in the classroom. You did some of this already by modifying your brainstorm ideas, and incorporating new information to problem-solve and create learning activities in DB 3 & 4. For this assignment I want you to dig deeper into the work you did for the DBs and expand your ideas even further in this IPW assignment. 
To successfully teach the health topics covered in this module, it is often beneficial to include and engage parents in the learning process. The focus of this LA2 assignment is for you to choose one of the topics you worked on in either DB 3 or 4 and build your ideas out into a full IPW. In addition to the in-class activities and assessments, you will be adding an addendum for how you plan to involve parents in this process.  
This assignment
Instruction Plan Worksheet (IPW) for a specific age/grade for a topic from Chapters 6, 7, or 8 in your text. You will create an in-class lesson which will include a take-come component for parents to complete with their children
Planning for and Directing Parent Involvement Since your IPW includes parents. Create an Addendum (Word doc.) to your IPW outlining your plan for how to engage and involve parents
Reflective Paper written in formal APA style describing your practical and creative process for creating the IPW. 
1. Instruction Plan Worksheet:  At the end of chapters 7, & 8 you will find an Instruction Plan Worksheet (IPW). The purpose of this form is to aid the novice teacher in planning for, organizing, and assessing learning outcomes. You will be completing a shortened version of an IPW for this Learning Activity. To help you get started, a copy of this form is attached (LessonPlan_Page). You are to complete this plan for 1 learning outcome, with an associated in-class activity, take-home activity, an assessment. 
You may wish to review chapter 2 for specific information on what you need to consider and how to fill out the IPW. 
2. Reflective Paper: This is the “meta-cognitive” portion of your learning activity. In this paper, I want you to talk about your creative process for coming up with the activities, objectives and assessments for your IPW. In this paper you will also talk about how you used resources from the class, your text, your interview — anything you have done to date. You may also talk about what you found through your own research and how you used this information to build your IPW. Here are some areas to include in your paper: 
Describe your creative thought process for completing the IPW. How do you visualize what was going to happen in the classroom? What will you be doing as a teacher? Why did you choose the materials, activities, and assessments you chose?etc.
Describe your creative thought process for engaging and including parents in the teaching and learning process. What research did you need to do for this section? What pre-teaching might you need to do. How will you go about seeking input from parents and including them in the lesson?
What challenges do you anticipate encountering for teaching the subjects of Drugs/Tobacco Use and Sexual health? Why do you suspect these to be challenges and how will you meet these challenges?
What do you need to do to mentally and emotionally prepare for this lesson?
What information did you gather to use for this lesson? Why did you choose this particular information? How did you use the information and resources you found? (specific citations, references and examples are expected to be included)
Talk about the assessment you chose — how will this assessment tell you if your students actually achieved the learning objective you set for them?
How useful was this assignment? Is there anything you would do to design this assignment differently that would have deepened your learning?