Read the case study from this website

Read the case study from this website and answer the following questions (NO INFORMATION FROMEXTERNAL SOURCE, ONLY INCLUDE THE ANSWER FROM THIS CASE SSTUDY)
1.Brief introduction or summary
2. What was the problem that the program or intervention was intended to address (i.e. What will be evaluated?)
3. Why was this a significant concern in need of attention?
4. What actions were taken in the case?
5. Were these actions appropriate? Why or why not?
6. What challenges to implementation or success were encountered?
7. Was there anything omitted or not considered initially? In later stages?
8. What was the result of the intervention or program? What changes resulted because of the program? In what ways did lives improve or become worse because of the program? 
9. How can the lessons learned from this case study be used in other global public health issues?
10. What “indicators” were used to judge program performance?
11. What evidence related to these indicators indicated program effectiveness?
12. What conclusions about program effectiveness can be made based on the available      evidence?
13. Conclusion: highlights of the things that we have learned from this case study and the main points of the study