Respond to questions 1-10 below in 1450 words. Use the attached book and 3 other

Respond to questions 1-10 below in 1450 words. Use the attached book and 3 other resources to respond to question 1-10. 
A. Idea behind the assignment is as follows: – I would like everyone to decide what type of business you would like to open (the possibilities are endless, as long as it is legal, ethical, and non-offensive!) and tell us about your proposed business. You can choose any type of business, but you must have a minimum of 20 employees. After giving us a short description of your proposed business, you will begin analyzing the IT requirements of your business in light of what you have learned in your textbook readings this week, and you will begin to explore the role that IT will play in your business.
1. Provide a name for the business. (The name of my proposed business is “IT for all”). 
2. In 150 words write a short description of your proposed business. And why you have selected this business. 
3. In 150 words what is the nature of your business? Please provide a description of business concept, the business structure and marketing plan. (the business I would like to propose in a nonprofit organization that provides access to information technology education to minority children living in urban communities. The goal is exposed underserved youths to information technology in hopes that they will one day pursue a career in this filed. The name of the proposed business is “IT for all”).
4. In 150 words. What type of product(s) or service(s) will your business offer? Please see business idea in question #3. 
5. In 150 words. In what ways will the information technology needs be different for upper management, middle management, operational management, and lower level employees (such as production and service workers, and data workers)? 
6. In 150 words. Identify/state the main business processes in your business. 
The Ten Core Business Processes include: –
Customer Strategy & Relationships (Marketing)
Employee Development & Satisfaction (Human Resources)
Quality, Process Improvement & Change Management.
Financial Analysis, Reporting, & Capital Management.
Management Responsibility.
Customer Acquisition (Sales)
Product Development.
Product/Service Delivery.
(I believe my main business process is Product/Service Delivery, as the goal is to deliver/ make accessible IT education, information and resource available to underserved youths). 
7. In 200 words. Based on the attached book and list of various types of business information systems within the textbook. What types of business information systems will you need to efficiently run the various business processes of your business? Provide examples and detailed descriptions. 
8. In 200 words Based on the attached book what enterprise applications will your business require in order to coordinate and integrate the various business processes? Provide examples and detailed descriptions.
9. In 150 words How will you organize the information systems function of your business? Will you have one IT expert on staff, will you have an information systems department, or will you outsource the IT function?
10. In 150 words What will be the primary responsibilities of your IT expert or department?