Select a RELEVANT healthcare topic with financial and/or management implications

Select a RELEVANT healthcare topic with financial and/or management implications, identifying and clearly stating a particular problem that is not meeting expectations. The Research Paper should critically analyze the issues related to the topic within the context of the current healthcare environment. 
The Course Project has two deliverables, an outline, and a Research Paper.
Course Outline: A summary of the topic you have chosen for the Course Project and its importance in the healthcare industry.The length of the outline should be approximately 1-2 pages in length, and include the following:
Identify the topic you will be writing about.
Define the problem that you will be trying to suggest a solution for.
Identify possible solutions.
Describe the sources you will be using to conduct your research and analysis.
Research Paper: The length of the Research Paper should be approximately five to seven pages, double-spaced in MS Word and include a minimum of six references in APA 7th Edition format.
Possible Course Project Topics: *IDEAS*
Discuss how you would improve cash flow, given the CFO does not have enough cash on hand to pay operating bills in a timely manner.
Assess the best options for improving a healthcare facility’s return on investment, and discuss the risk associated with each type of investment.
Determine how to recruit and retain the most qualified nurses in order to keep up with a clinic’s growing patient population.
Determine how will you calculate the capital needs to replace the hospital facility itself, and how will the funds be raised to accomplish this?
Assess various fundraising opportunities for healthcare facilities. What is the best approach, depending on the facility type, to secure financial resources to advance the goals of the healthcare facility and further enhance the quality of programs offered?
Introduce the issue.
Define the problem.
Search the literature.
Analyze the problem.
Offer possible solutions.
Propose a single solution.
Develop an implementation plan.
Justify why and how if your solution will solve the identified problem.