This assignment is designed to be an initial examination of the Yesler Terrace D

This assignment is designed to be an initial examination of the Yesler Terrace Development Plan from 2011. As our class readings suggest, “redevelopment” has been a contentious process in most cities. Your task is to use the prompt questions below to begin to assess what parts of the Yesler Terrace Development Plan seem strong and positive and which parts raise concerns for you. You should use any of our class discussions and materials to-date to help you make these assessments. Make use of the “lessons learned” we have been compiling from Moskowitz as well as any other class readings and discussions to make your case.
Give some thought to each question and be thorough in your responses. This early assessment should be approximately 800-1200 words (total).
What is your overall impression of this development plan, and why? Consider why development is needed, everyone who is impacted and how, and from a variety of vantage points. Does this plan seem like a strong and thoughtful process? Or does it raise concerns for you? (It’s possible that it can do both).
What are the strongest aspects of this development plan? What parts feel particularly well-designed, thoughtful or organized in this plan, and why?
When you think of redevelopment processes that you know about or we have read and discussed in class, what concerns you most? Do you see those concerns or lessons learned discussed or incorporated in this plan? If so, how do they plan to mitigate those concerns? Do you think it will be effective?
What do you NOT see addressed in the Yesler Terrace Development Plan that you believe should be? Is there anything missing? Perhaps things we have discussed in class that stem from lessons learned from other cities? What are the possible vulnerabilities in this plan? What are the unresolved “red flags” that we should be paying close attention to?
As a reminder, I ask for written assignments to be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, with one-inch