View the case study “Partnerships: You Sunk My Partnership” in You Be the Judge.

View the case study “Partnerships: You Sunk My Partnership” in You Be the Judge. After you receive the judge’s decision on this case, review the Revised Uniform Partnership Agreement (RUPA) where the parties do not have a written partnership agreement. Specifically, review the sections addressing division of assets and liabilities.
Provide an analysis of division of partnership assets under RUPA when there is not a written partnership agreement. How should the assets be divided? How should paintings and other artwork created before the formation of the partnership be divided?
Cite any external sources that were not part of the interactive exercise. Your initial post should include your analysis and evidence from other cases that supports your analysis. Your follow-up discussion should challenge your classmates’ findings and defend your own position. Follow-up discussions to classmates’ initial responses should integrate course theories with a practical application of the subject; offer a personal observation or experience; reference real-world examples, current events; or present current research on the topic that encourages further discussion and ongoing dialogue with other students and the instructor in the class.