What are custom homes? Owning a personalized and fully adapted home brings us cl

What are custom homes?
Owning a personalized and fully adapted home brings us closer to the idea of ​​having “the house of our dreams.” 
This term (custom homes) is used to define those homes that have been designed to the buyer’s specifications . 
In this sense, we differentiate between two customization possibilities: 
That we carry out a self-promotion . That is, we are the ones who build our own house, individually or through a cooperative. In this case, we will have total design freedom to choose materials, finishes, distribution, room extension, etc.
That a developer offer us the possibility of customizing our future home off-plan . In this situation, the construction companies or promoters have a team of designers and architects who study the requests of the clients and offer the alternatives that can be made in each property.
Both options have something in common: the buyer participates in the project from the beginning and decides how to distribute the space and chooses the materials that best suit their tastes, needs or budget. 
Main pros and cons of custom homes
Is it possible to customize any home?
Although a few years ago the possibility of customizing a home was limited to luxury developments and high-priced homes, today this option is very widespread , both in single-family projects and in multi-family constructions, and regardless of location or range. of prices. 
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As we have already indicated, cooperatives have offered more individually designed alternatives , and developers have followed this example in order to attract new buyers. 
In the end, a house is the place where you rest, have your family or receive your friends, and it is important that you feel comfortable in it.
The changes that future buyers can make to personalize their home can be minimal or total, although, obviously, it will be impossible to modify those elements that may affect the structure and safety of a building. 
In addition, the modification limits will be subject to three aspects: 
Legislation and constructive rules.
The characteristics of the promotion. 
What aspects of a home can I customize?
When it comes to personalizing a home, there are quick and easy modifications to make, such as changing the color of the walls, the material of the floors or the kitchen or bathroom furniture. 
To change the interior distribution of the house there are more limitations, although the developers offer different alternatives. For example, buyers can choose between having an open kitchen (integrated into the living room) or a closed kitchen , or giving up a room to expand other spaces.
Why is there this limitation? To begin with, any redistribution of space must be adapted to the facilities and, especially in the case of promotions, the wet areas of the home must be respected for technical reasons. This can affect, for example, the place where the bathroom or kitchen is located, generally immovable regardless of the size or its subsequent design. All this must be taken into account if we do not want to make mistakes when carrying out a reform in our house .
The common changes that custom homes support are:
Changes in distribution 
Custom homes allow you to create, delete or move interior partitions , as long as they do not affect construction elements such as columns, load-bearing walls, beams, etc.
Customization options for a home include adding or removing doors, as well as moving them or changing their opening direction. If space permits, it is also possible to install sliding doors if the buyer wishes.
Kitchen sockets and mechanisms
In personalized homes you can choose where the different elements of the kitchen will be located (sink, appliances, etc.), as well as plugs, switches or internet sockets throughout the home.
Built-in wardrobes
Custom homes allow you to delete, increase or create new built-in wardrobes in the home, whenever space allows. 
Finish improvements
One of the great advantages of personalized homes is the possibility of improving the finishes and choosing higher quality materials, something that will make your future home have an aesthetic according to your tastes.
Among the usual customization options, in this case, we highlight: 
Air conditioning systems
Custom homes allow you to choose the air conditioning system (air conditioning / heating) that most interests you among the different possibilities proposed by the developer. Sometimes it is convenient to choose individual systems and, at other times, it is more profitable to bet on collective systems.
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Choosing the taps for sinks and showers, increasing the size of the bathtub or putting a shower integrated with the floor are some of the finishing options that personalized homes allow and that can significantly influence your daily well-being. 
Flooring and tiling
Another aspect that most interests future buyers of personalized homes is the possibility of changing the models and sizes of tiles, or the replacement of flooring with parquet, wooden flooring or porcelain floors.
When customizing your home, you can choose how you want the doors of the home to be, including the main entrance (material, type of wood, smooth or lacquered, main security door, etc.). 
False ceilings
If you wish, in this type of home you can choose to place false ceilings, lower than usual, to cover installations or to put recessed luminaires. 
Main pros and cons of custom homes
Customizing a home affects the budget and its final price , but also the materials and finishes chosen. In this sense, you can invest your money in what really interests you or you like. 
In addition, if you want to acquire a personalized home through a cooperative, you will save money on taxes and on the total project (around 15% / 20%, since the developer’s profit margin is eliminated). 
However, this formula for buying and customizing homes has some drawbacks: usually, delivery times are longer, and you will have to make money payments in advance to cover the purchase of materials. 
Finally, and although it is not a disadvantage, changes in personalized homes, both promoters and cooperatives, cannot be made at any time. In fact, there is a limitation in the time to personalize each house , since before finishing the structure of the work, the rest of the elements must be perfectly defined. In this sense, decision-making must be relatively fast. 
Luckily, thanks to virtual reality and 3D technology, we can see how the proposed changes will be in our future home without having to wait for it to be built, something that increases customization possibilities, facilitates decision-making and allows us to obtain results more adjusted to our needs.
In addition to personalized homes, another option to get a house that suits you is to hire the services of professionals in the sector such as Deplace . 
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